Is there a way to get a Dynamo object from a COM object?

I’m trying to convert a COM object to something I can use in Dynamo. However, none of the dir(obj) entries seem to be something I can use to identify the object (like a handle or internalobject). Could someone point me in the right direction?

Try this.

I’d already come across this post when googling but it doesn’t seem a COM object has a “handle” attribute in the latest version of Dynamo. Is there a different way of getting the handle instead of obj.Handle? Or another method to convert the object?

Might be easier for the community to help resolve this if we had the initial code which you used to retrieve the COM object. What you import will matter very much.

Unfortunately, I’m just trying to convert the output of a package to something I can use (so there is no code). The nodes used are shown below:

if you change the python engine to Ironpython2, it works?


It does! That resolves the problem!


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