Is there a way to 'bake' created components in the model?

I am creating a script that places adaptive component panel on a mass surface. It works by picking a single surface of the mass. I then want to use the same script to place a different component on a different surface, but Dynamo removes the previous ones and creates the new ones. I tried copying the script to different names for use on different surface, but it still removed the previously created component.

Is there a way to ‘keep’ previously created components, or ‘convert’ them to simple existing in the project no longer related to Dynamo?

Dynamo Mass Panels.dyn (27.4 KB)

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Close the definition and reopen after each run and you’ll keep the old and make new.

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Thanks @Greg_McDowell - I thought I tried that, but I just did it and it worked :slight_smile:

What I want is a way to bake the changes and then get dynamo to revisit the previously baked stuff and modify it again without deleting them first. I’m thinking I may need to save out the GUIDs of the elements and have Dynamo read them back in. Not sure yet.

I’d rather cut and paste the elements instead of closing and opening the definition.

However this is not available for some objects -I’ve encountered the issue with masses- so you could rather manually copy(translate) the object.

I am still looking for a way of doing this within dynamo, not disposing the result of a run or somehow breaking the relationship with the elements (same thing a close and open does).

Any ideas?