Is there a way to add path packages to dynamo from python code

Is there a way to add path packages to dynamo from python code

I could be wrong, but I don’t think so. You can now add package paths to and import DynamoSettings.xml in Dynamo 2.17 see this feature What are your trying to do and does it have to be via python?

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Perhaps you could add the paths to the dynamo settings from outside the current session; that is you could run a graph to modify the path and quit dynamo. On restart paths would be there.

There might also be a method you could call via a node which triggers a view extension, but I haven’t tested it. Very unlikely to work via Python though.

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Most firms use powershell, intune and/or batch scripts to xcopy to local appdata folder. Running packages off server generally doesn’t work on an average server as its too slow.

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@LilliSmith @jacob.small @GavinCrump
is there a way to add path in all DynamoSettings.xml for all versions civil3d from dynamo… and import /export didn’t show in preference in dynamo

I have anther problem in civil3d 2023 it doesn’t respond to add package (dynamoironpython2.7) is there update to civil3d 2023 or dynamo or anther solution to respond.

Import/export isn’t available until Dynamo 2.17, which is not in Civil 3D yet. Modifying the xml will work, which you can do in bulk. Note that as Gavin noted you’ll want the files copied onto the local system for a variety of technical limitations.

For your Python issue.
I think that is the wrong package for Python 2. Search the package manager and you should see a second one.

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I tried to install Dynamoironpython 2.7 version 2.1.0 and I tried with new Dynamoironpython 2.7 version 2.5.0 but didn’t solve the problem.

Are you using the built in package manager, or another method? Is the package in the default directory on the local disc? Are there multiple copies? Likely the best resolution will be to submit a support ticket via the accounts portal at as there are a lot of intermediate troubleshooting steps.

I tried two method by download package and get package and put it in my path
but I prefer put the package in my path and add path in package manager
Is it impossible to put the package in my path and the dynamo read it?
the other packages dynamo read it but dynamoironpython package, dynamo finds it difficult to read the package

Yes, but when unzipping you need to make sure the contained files are unblocked.

If you fail to do this the package won’t actually install any contents, like what you are seeing.

If you try this and then use the package manager without first removing all the files correct, and then restart all things Dynamo, you won’t get any package contents, like what you are seeing.

Standard custom nodes will not have this problem, and in some cases even zero touch nodes won’t be as finicky as the IronPython package, as that package operates much lower in the tech stack and as such windows and your infosec tools would flag it much more directly.