Is it possible to read Pipe Type and write that information to a Pipe Fitting using dynamo?


I’m really fresh to Dynamo and one of the things leading me to Dynamo is to see if it can help me sort out some issues i have.
When drawing pipes i use different Pipe Types for eg Stainless Steel and Cast Iron, and both Pipe Types are using the same fitting familys for bends and so on.
I would like to keep it that way, but i would like to be able to pull information about Pipe Type from the pipe next to the fitting and write that information to a instance parameter of my own. That way i can make a take off schedule for each Pipe Type but still use the same fitting family.

Does this sound like something that’s even possible with Dynamo?
Would be nice to know before i start to bang my head to the wall :slight_smile:

Yes this seems doable. Check out the MEPover package to help you along. But before you start do the entirety of the dynamo primer before you get started as you’re going to need those concepts as you go. Skip no exercises even if they seem like you won’t ever need them.

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That sounds great. I will go through all the steps and tutorials i can find to learn more about Dynamo.

Start here:

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