Is a Solid Rectangular/cuboid?

Hey everyone i have 4 elements in this example. Is there a way to test if the shapes are a cuboid. When i get the geometry they come in as solids but i want to filter only the shapes that create a cuboid/rectangle.

Is this possible???

I am wanting this to short through hundreds of solids am just using 4 as an example.

May edit this when I get back to a station with Dynamo.

Bounding Box method - Compare volume of geometry with volume of its bounding box. If equal, is cuboid…unless geometry face planes aren’t aligned to the bounding box axis (like if the cube is rotated 45 degrees on the XY plane). Method can work if you can correct the rotation.

Surface method - A cuboid is comprised of 6 faces with the normal vectors at 90 degree angles to 4 of the 6 possible vectors. If you can deconstruct the geometry down to surfaces, you can start checking for this.


Thanks for the quick response. Im trying to mess with bounding boxes right now just having a hard time aligning them to an angle.

Right, my thought is that to determine the alignment angle you’d be extracting face vectors…at which point you’re basically halfway to doing the surface method.

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Robert I got it to work. Thanks for the ideas! really helped toward the solution!