Insert Sprinkler All Room!

I created a dynamo to insert family sprinkler for all room, but i do not understand:

  1. I only get a distance of sprinkler x, y director (many rooms, many distance), i want to get distance each room to distribution with difference distance.
  2. In a List of group “Calculation Distance Of Sprinkler X,Y”, i can not get distance 3200 automatic, i input by hand, i had a idea get distance/100=integer number and select max value but i do not search it.

P/s: maximum distance sprinkler of wall = 1500, min = 1000.
maximum distance sprinkler = 3600, min = 2400.
Node Line.GroupByParallel of Chinamo Package.
Node CurveLoop.Simplify of Springs Package.

Please…Thank you very much

Insert Family All Room.dyn (455.0 KB)

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Could you be more specific ,what workflow are you using here ? are you placing sprinklers based on longest curves in room as long axis & divide them into distance btw sprinklers, with shorter axis being taken into consideration to adjust accordingly.
i have listed out the workflow that i had used for similar task:

  • Get boundaries of rooms.

  • Get curves & offset them to insides of respective rooms by required distance( a slider to control the offsets Eg-1500 from wall)

  • create a new smaller poly curve from new curves inside the rooms, this is the boundary of sprinkler placement

*Get one curve each from the rooms (shorter or longer does not matter).

  • Divide the curves into minimum distance of 3000(3m), we get points on those curves.

  • Similarly get second set of curves from rooms again, divide again into points based on 3m distance

  • Now I have basically got points along X & Y axis for each room along the earlier new set of boundary curve i created.

  • These curves will intersect acting like a grid. the points of intersection btw all these grids or lines inside the rooms is point of placement of sprinkler.
    I have attached few images for reference, not sure if this workflow helps you or perhaps there might be more efficient workflow out there, but this did the job for me for rectangle & square type Rooms.

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hey, could you please provide the dynamo script?