Insert Block in profile

Hello friends!

I’m trying to develop a routine where I can insert blocks into my profile.

The attached file contains the profile and the gogopoints entered in the profile.

The idea is to insert their respective blocks in their respective points that were inserted in the profile already with the information of “custom” and “block:” coming straight from excel.

They are sounding blocks and, in that case, you wouldn’t need to come the hatches that correspond to your type of material (not at this first moment). Just vim exactly as it shows in the block. With hole depth, water level depth and pre-defined texts.

Could anyone help me?

profile file with demo block inserted: PERFIL.dwg - Google Drive

~text translated in google translator.~


Looking at this , may be help you

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Perfect! I’ll take a look now.


I managed to develop a code that locates my point in plan and throws the block directly into the profile.

Now my question is: I created a code, for example, that generates information for me and I would like to insert this information in my block.


Would anyone have an idea how I could do this?

I made some attempts here, with fictitious information, but none of them worked… I couldn’t find a result for this…

To make it easier, I made this image below to exemplify exactly what I’m looking for at the moment.

~text translated in google translator.~

Amigo Rafita @gabrielrafaeln buenas. try with BlockReference.SetAttributeByTag, remember that the attributes only allows strings as inputs
Set Attribute by Tag

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Oops, friend @gilberto.arechigaiba Later I’ll take a look at your tip and then I’ll come back here with feedback.


it worked too well @gilberto.arechigaiba ! Thank you so much.

I will continue developing my code and maybe I will encounter some other difficulty regarding this same subject.

But as soon as I finish I’ll come here to let you know.

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did you found solution?

Hi I dont have some nodes what you have used in your dynmo.Have you used any package nodes?

Have you a picture for this nods