Inquiry: Sample project (case study) for architecture and MEP

I am a mechanical HVAC design engineer and BIM manager.
I am Dynamo beginner and I conducted a few dynamo scripts. I need a sample project (case study) for architecture concept design and MEP (mechanical or electrical ) sample project as well to convince my company to use Dynamo as part of the workflow.
I searched on many websites but I did not find something worth to download.
if anybody can help i would be grateful.

Not MEP but the time savings in automation of any sort can result in similar gains if done right.

thank you for you reply , however i need RVT and DYN files to show an actual case

In that case you’ll likely need to build it - no one I know has taken the time to track how much time ‘graph x’ saves them overall and then said ‘here world have graph x and save yourself the same amount of time.’ I wish AEC companies were ok with that kind of openness but sadly it’s not the case.

Perhaps build a simple graph (create worksets, levels, views and sheets) from excel and challenge a few ‘power users’ at your company to a race?


I agree with Jacob

best to show an example from one of your projects, with a comparison of how much time it saved or would save.
In my experience, people tend to place more credence in something that has already happened than something that might happen in the future.
So your argument would be “We spent X dollars or Y hours on this task. We could have done it like this (your example) and saved Z”

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@JacobSmall @Andrew_Hannell
I totally agree with you, I am working now on a script to facilitate the heat load calculation.
I will be happy to share the script after I finish it.
thanks for your advice

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