Input Toggle Controller

I’m trying to create a custom node input toggle using List.Create - Index Vector. Is it possible to do the plus minus that list.create has to add inputs to my node? Also I am having trouble getting the inputs to process out as lists/values. I have the switch working, but want to condense it into a single node if possible.

The number of inputs on a custom node is based on the number of inputs within the custom node definition. Could you attach an image and/or file of the node definition that you’re creating so it will be easier to understand the solution you’re after?

if you want to create a variable input node you’ll need to use c# - you can look at the implementation for nodes like List.Create or String.Join or Concat on the dynamo repo.

Thank you for your input. Attached is an example of how i created/use a switch to control inputs, as well as the in process node file. I was mostly looking for a way to get an embedded + and - inputs (like List.Create) has and possibly an embedded channel (index) selector. As it currently stands it just combines two nodes.

Input Controller.dyf (7.9 KB)