IndicesOf node missing in version

Can’t seem to loIndicesOfcate “IndicesOf” node when I do my search in dynamo

That’s a custom node. You’ll need to find out which package this node came from…

How would I find out which package the node came from?

Does this help?


I followed this video tutorial and it has the following custom nodes, “TopoToPolySurface” and “IndicesOf”. I don’t know how they were achieved.
See the link to the tutorial below. I’m also attaching my definition file that needs fixing, maybe someone can make it work.

Wall Follows Topo

“AllIndicesOf” not available when I search for it. Any Idea why that is?

Which version are you using?



It may be part of lunchbox, but I’m not positive…

Just tried a fresh install of the stable release of 0.8.1 and it appears to be there.


2015-07-10_09h03_15But in the meantime here is a method to use. I will also publish this to Rhythm today.

Fresh Install fixed the issue of missing nodes. Thanks

I was also trying to make this definition to work,but there was a custom node “TopoToPolySurface” that I was not able to achieve. See image attached.

TopoToSurface Definition