Index of list of elements


hello, I am trying to get indexof (specifically) DanEDU index of to locate my maximum elements in a list, however it doesnt seem to want to work no matter how I set the levels structure. What am I doing wrong. Thanks?


Try to set @L2 on “list” and @L1 on “element”.


Like this? It doesnt find anything. :frowning:


try to use

But make sure that your “object.type” is correct (and the same) in your items and lists


@mix… and anyone else. please update to the Orchid package, I have deprecated the DanEDU package. Meaning if you want to use dynamo 2.0 then dont use DanEDU :slight_smile:


Thank you erfajo, I noticed that on one of your other posts on this forum. But right now I am still using dynamo 1.3.2 Does your orchid package work with that version of dynamo?


Orchid works for Dynamo 1.3.x versions and for Revit 2017 …and beyond :slight_smile: