Incorrect insertion of block on featureline

Hi everyone, I need to insert a block on a corridor featureline. The featureline is not continuous but is divided into three unconnected pieces. I don’t understand why it puts the block on the first and last feature line but not on the middle one. I think that the problem is in the selection phase because it selects seven featureline lines and not three and some have a coincident beginning and end.

What is the warning message on BlockReference.ByCoordinateSystem?

Hi mzjenzen the message is the following: "Warning: BlockReference. ByCoordinateSystem operation failed.The value cannot be null. Parameter name: coordinateSystem "

In my opinion the problem is here because the Featurelines should be 3 not 7

I solved the feature line problem, but that’s not the problem

the problem is here, but I don’t know how to fix it

I solved it by increasing the modeller frequency, so I can confirm that in these cases the problem is not of dynamo but in the geometry of the Featureline that in particular in the internal curves intersections and conflicts can be created. The same problem is in the altimetry.