Inconsistent behavior of List.AddItem




I would expect the List.AddItemToEnd, and List.AdditemToFront to do the exact same thing, except to the end, and front of the lists respectively. What am I missing here?

Looks very much like a bug.

Nice catch. List.AddItemToFront seems like it is behaving correctly (Lists are things, items, so should be added to the front) Adding a bug report(Magn-5855). Thanks



I have also found the List.AddItemToEnd anomaly. Is there a workaround?

Hi Eric,

You could try the following work-around in the mean time:

Perfect. This is the official List.AddItemToEnd workaround until the original node gets repaired:

I published the replacement for List.AddItemToEnd which will add a sublist to a list of sublists as List.Append .

Behavior is now consistent across both nodes in 1.0 builds