In Search of a Super Nerd

I am not sure if this is allowed in this forum, so if not, sorry admins…please remove.

Without going into too many details here, the architectural company I work for in Sweden is looking for a super nerd to add to our team. So far it has not been easy to find someone with a high level of Revit expertise along with any computational BIM experience to speak of (Dynamo perferably) who also has a background in either architectural design, engineering or both. I am in contact with the Bad Monkeys (hey guys) and Nate Miller but as consultants. We are looking for a new hire to boost our internal compentency.

Anyone know some good resources or know of someone interested? Thanks in advance for the help!

I’d say job postings are welcome.

I’m sure you’ll find many qualified people on this forum waiting for more such posts.

However, you should include some contact information.

I’d apply if I’d met the Super Nerd criterion :slight_smile:


I’d say you are in the right place! :slight_smile:

I’d say this is the best place to find API guru’s


A bit more info then:

We are looking for someone with the following:

  • super Revit user, that can act as BIM and model responsible in architectural projects
  • Dynamo/visual programming super nerd who can help create awesome workflows - work smarter not harder!
  • background in architecture or engineering (or both!)
  • currently living in Sweden or willing to relocate. An EU passport makes work permit requirements much easier.
  • English is a must, and Swedish or other nordic language is a bonus
  • must be happy to help and collaborate with colleagues in build up the company BIM competency as a whole (patience!!)
  • creative, passionate and generally a fun person to work with - we are a good time who works closely together
Feel free to get in contact with me at

Looking forward to hear from you!