ImportPoint of IFC file

Hello guys,

how can we import a IFC file on a spesific point? There is on GitHub some stuff but I could not manage it…

Hi @Deniz_Maral,

An idea : Import your IFC in the shared or origin coordinates system and then move it to a specific point with the * Element SetLocation * node.

IFC placement

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Thank you very much for your reply Alban!

Do you know, why I am getting this error?


It is written in the API :
"The placement is Shared, and the host model and the link do not share the same coordinate system. Or the placement is Shared, and the shared coordinates of the host model do not match the GIS coordinate system of the linked file. "

Did you try with placement at the Origin ?

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Yes, this time I got that error: File already exists. I deactivated that line and it imported file but without placement.

If I go to Links and try to load it again:


It is saying that, I have to right click on ifc file in ProjectBrowser and place instance.

Hello Alban,

after adding SaveAsOptions, it works now! Thanks man you are amazing!

A useful addition, thank you.
I am delighted that you achieved your goal.

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