Importing data from excel

Dear all,
I am successful exporting data from revit to excel, but could’nt do it while importing from excel into revit. From the previous posts I understand that i have to add GUID, but dont know how!!. I am getting error message as "Warning: Element.SetParameterByName operation failed. The Parameter’s storage type is not a string"
Please see the screen shot and help me out.
Thanks in Advance.
Sultan Ahamed


My understanding of that is the parameter that you are trying to change is not in a form of a string, e.g trying to change a length value ( 13000 ) into a word ( Thirteen thousand) ; it won’t accept it.

So you are trying to change type mark?

Look into that parameter is it stored as a number, string or maybe its link up to another element.

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The parameter will only take a number as input, convert it with a node called String.toNumber
As for the GUID, in a non workshared file youre good with the ID i think.
In a workshared file ID will work if you are the only one working in the file, in all other cases use UniqueID.
Changing to a new workset-set will change the ID’s. And some other cases aswell i believe.
To be sure use GUID.
ElementBy.ID and Element.ByUniqueID are your designscript keywords here.

Edit: dont know why the word ElementBY.ID turned into a blue hyperlink like word.
And use ElementSelector.ByUniqueId(Id, true) for comparison getting the data back in.

credits for the picture go to @Kulkul


Thanks all.
Let me give a try using the GUID & parameter whether it is number, string?

For me the ElementSelector.ByUniqueId(id) is not working. I get an error " Dereferncing a non-pointer".
where i am going wrong!!

Is it ok to use “Element.ByID-Clockwork” but I am getting an error; “Warning: Element.SetParameterByName operation failed. The Parameter’s storage type is not a string”


ElementSelector.ByUniqueID is not working if you have certain packages installed i think.
Try Revit.ElementSelector.ByUniqueId(Id, true)
And use String.ToNumber to convert a text to a number.

PS. These questions have all been answered before in the forum, try the search button at the top of your screen.

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