Import from Excel


I have got all the information from Revit into Excel, I have changed the BH parameter in Excel and tried to bring it back into Revit.

It is reading the parameter correctly as I set them all to be 1000 in excel but then I am getting this error.

Image 01

If I use this method it works but I will need to select the family type for everyone and I have over 500 different ones.

Image 02

Hi Christopher,

Since your parameter name is Case Sensitive use Set.ParameterByName(CaseSensitive) node from Rhythm package.



I will have a look at that thank you, the only thing is I am not sure if that node will make a difference because if I select a family name it dose it no problem.


I will report back.

Christopher, There is a node called Set.ParameterName(Type or Instance) from Rhythm Package you can change all the family types of your category.

Below is an example of the node. Good Luck!

Type Parameter


I finally got it to do what I wanted, I used the node that you suggested please see below.