Import excel into revit (sort level by order)

Hi Everyone,
I have problem with Level (1FL, 2FL…) and Slab Level when i import Excel into Revit. So I want:

  1. Sort The Level by order
  2. Resolve error of the Slab Level
  3. After importing Excel into Revit: The Level, Number, Room Name, they change their order in the Room Schedule.
    Please help me! I am looking forward your support!
    Thank you all so much!

What does the error say? I think it’s “the parameter is read only”

(I don’t think you can alter the base level of room)

@hoale_kts I think the level name should not be string. It must be a Level element.

This is the Excel Sheets that i exported from the Revit through Dynamo

When i saw the Excel Sheets, i realized that The order of all rooms changes the location completely.
My question is: How to export the Rooms Scheldule from Revit to Excel by order.

This is my Dynamo Graph, Rooms Schedule in the Revit and Excel Sheets. 1st floor (1FL) Mezzanine floor (M2F)

Please help me!

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This is my data
1. Export Revit to excel.dyn (63.0 KB)
Import Excel into Revit.dyn (128.5 KB)

Project1.rvt (1.3 MB)

Hi @hoale_kts

Thanks for dropping relevant files. You will get solution soon.

Thank you so much

@hoale_kts All these items are solved except you cant write level parameter as it is read-only.

And the files here:
Import Excel into Revit(for hoale).dyn (137.8 KB)
1. Export Revit to excel(for Hoale).dyn (81.4 KB)
Export (for Hoale).xlsx (9.2 KB)


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Dear Kulkul,
Thank for your support!

Please mark the post as solved. You’re welcome!

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