Import Dwg programatly?

Hello everyone, I’m new to the forum and to the dynamo, but I’m very enthusiastic about learning.
I want to learn how to do this in dynamo and focus my learning on this, initially…
I have a view in revit and I link a dwg file (the dwg file is named with a prefix + the name of the view in revit)
Then select “current view only” + Colors “black and white” + import units “centimeters” + position “Auto - Origin to internal origin”
I repeat this operation in many views, but I want to automate this task.
Thank you very much for the help
Sorry for my English

Hi @Archi_AV and welcome, GeniusLoci package is one option to do that:

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Thanks a lot

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It works well. I’m very excited
Let me ask another question.
I have 30 views and 30 DWG filesto link, one for a particular view. I want each view finds a specific DWG (for example, view called section1 finds a DWG with a name work_section1.DWG)
And finally, how do I make the linked DWG go from background to foreground