Imperative name conflict

Has anyone ran across any issues when running multiple code blocks with imperative sections?

I have a short DS script containing 2 imperative loops.
Runs great.
I copied the entire graph because I wanted to run 2 parallel sets with different variables in order to compare results.

The code block in the copied graph gives me a “cyclic dependency conflict between 2 variables error”. The original code block runs fine despite the fact they are both identical.
I even tried to change the name of the imperative section, but the problem persisted.
It would be a big pain to change every single variable name within the code block.
Could this be a bug?

can you upload a test case that shows this?

I have seen something like this once but I don’t recall the error so it may have been different.

Try opening it fresh, renaming all the functions in the second block, and then run it again.

If that doesn’t work, define a custom function of your first code block, and then call it as you would any node.

If you would prefer some level and lacing control, creating a custom node would also work.

Here is the file.
Both graphs are identical. The issue is in the imperative component of the codeblock

SL-topBottom_fractalTest_X006-DEMO.dyn (41.8 KB)

So, after some testing, initializing one of the lists helped solve some of the circular references.
However (on a random basis) altering variable inputs in one graph alters the results on the other graph despite the fact they are not connected.

I thought that codeblocks were essentially walled-off from each other. Apparently not.
The problem went away after initializing all lists at the beginning of the script.

So the lesson is: if you have variables of the same name in different code blocks are somehow linked to each other if they are not initialized properly.
Not sure if this is a bug or a feature.

what version of dynamo?

Also try copy pasting the code to a new code block.

same issue on Dynamo studio and dynamo for revit2017