Design Script Bug

Dear all,

I found a problem with the DesignScript command List.RestOfItems().
In the following picture the two results coming from the same DesignScript command are shown:

It is possible to see that the code block 1 and the code block 2 have the same DesignScript command but they have different results.
I am not able to understand the reason of this issue, since that the syntax is exactly the same.

Do you ever faced something similar?

Thank you in advance for your collaboration

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what version of dynamo is this?
hmm, can you try using different variable names in code block 2?
FYI @Aparajit_Pratap

@a.menozzi I’ve had the same issue a few times
Might not be the case with you, but the problem was that I was in manual mode and hadn’t clicked Run after rewiring the input/s :slight_smile:

Hi @Michael_Kirschner2,
this is the version
I tried using different variable names but nothing is changing. The results are always the same.
The results will change only if I write another new code block, as the number 1.

@Vikram_Subbaiah Dynamo is in the manual mode actually, but I have run it :wink: