IFC user defined property sets .txt file

Hello Dynamo users!

Meet a noob who is not familiar with possibilities of Dynamo but would like to learn them.

I wonder if Dynamo can create txt-file with user defined property sets for IFC export. In my imagination it should work this way:

  1. user choose custom parameter that needs to be exported;
  2. user insert the name of custom property set which will store the parameter;
  3. script defines if it is a type or instance parameter and write either T or I into txt-file;
  4. script defines all objects containing this parameter, addresses IFC mapping file and write IFC Class Name for respective elements into the same txt-file
  5. all text must be written in a certain way. Here is an example

So the main question is: do I have to learn Python for doing all this or I can only use Dynamo and its nodes? And, if the second option is correct, which nodes can help me to achieve my goals?

Hi, did you find a way to do this?