If true remove 1 instance from List, how to?

I’m trying to remove solids with identical areas from a list

I have created an = statement checking whether values match

I want to create an “if” gate that deletes one instance of a true value so only unique values remain, how do i do this?

(Also I understand it would be easier to use clockwork to remove identical revit ID’s, however I’m stuck on a computer today that doesn’t seem to want to run clockwork)

See attached screenshot

If it doesn’t particularly matter which of the identical solids is removed you could use List.GroupByKey and the List.FirstItem @L2 on the groups output to get one solid or element per unique value.

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Brilliant, I didn’t think of reorganizing the list to group. That’s much simpler!

Hope all is well


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Good thanks Tom, hope all going well with you. It was only after answering I looked more closely at the name!

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