If statement for element list returning less vealue

Hi guys, I am just shucked to if statement. I have list of 16 elements, where if nodes is returning only 5 values., I also tried to convert list to strings, but same thing is happening.
Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I couldn’t find it, please help me to figure it out.
Please see the attached snap:

I think its false, That why its return the false value.

No, False list have only door lists, where output contain door and window both but the number is 5 same with false list; and as you can see '>" nodes returning true value. So its must be the true list.

if you can, share the .dyn and the file.

Element filter.dyn (16.0 KB)

Please check this simple nodes:

It checks for each element in the list. Rather than the entire list.
Using ScopeIf should fix this.

Thanks, Its working, but I am not understood the logic behind it. Can you please elaborate little more.
Thanks again.

Rather than checking the entire list, what it does it checks each element.

So let’s you have a list of 1 to 10 (true) and A to Z (false).

It starts off with 1 or A, it sees it’s false so it picks A. 2 and B, sees it’s false, picks B that goes on until it sees 10 and J, and picks J.

Then you get to the end of it, and it has to pick between K and an… element that isn’t there. So it doesn’t send give anything.

I think it’s important to note that you also input a list of true and false values into the test input. It will also pick the shortest, unless it’s just one value (which is not in a list), in which case it always picks that value.

Look below for an example:

ScopeIf picks the entire input no matter what that input is. Try playing around with it.

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Thanks a lot… :grinning:

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