"If" node doesn't output an array of values

Hi all,

I’m sorry if this seems like a very basic question (tried to look for some similar posts but couldn’t find one).

I am trying to use the “If” node to generate different results. In my example, the goal is to delete either CAD Link or Imported Links.

When the user ticks “CAD Imports”, I want the script to delete all imported CAD files generated from Bimorph’s CAD.ReportInstances node.

Problem is, the final “If” node does not get all list values from the previous node - it only takes the first item on the list. I thought I could remedy this with Lacing but If node doesn’t have Lacing property. I tried the Longest Lacing node but not sure what combinator input needs.

Please refer to the snapshot of the script below:

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Hi all,

Interestingly, adding a “List Create” node to only one of the previous results gives me the list. However, adding them to both gives me only the first item.

Here, I get all items from the list:

After adding “List.Create” node to both, I get the same issue again:

The problem probably has to do with how if node works on different length lists for the true and false values. The common alternative is ScopeIf but it can be a bit trickier.

I don’t remember the exact details but I am sure there are several posts somewhere comparing the two. Some older examples include IF node and If and Lists of different lengths


Hi @kennyb6,

Thank you so much!
I tried ScopeIf and also found that Clockwork also has ScopeIf+ node.

I tried to use both and found that Clockwork’s node does the job better, and is also faster.

The normal ScopeIf somehow loads slower, and gives a “null” output to my CAD.ReportInstances node (didn’t know a proceeding node could affect the nodes that precede it). I tried to test it several times… I guess it’s not stable enough?

Anyway, thank you so much for introducing me to this node :slight_smile:


You could try the old style if in a code block:

choice = {list1,list2};
choice[x ? 0 : 1];

which will never disappoint :wink:



I agree with you in using Clockwork ScopeIf+, which I believe contains a version of Jean-Marc’s solution.

As you’re finding you need to be careful with the OOTB ScopeIf, it is designed to be used within custom nodes…

I had graphs freeze because the unexecuted branch was being used for other nodes downstream (say you wanted a dated folder inside an undated folder, but not having the first one dated you can accidentally freeze the second create node and the whole thing stops).

Hope that’s of interest,


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Thanks @Jean-Marc.
I am still a little unfamiliar with some code block notations.
But thanks for suggesting this as I can study & look it up. :slight_smile: