Identifying triangular co-planar and intersecting surfaces

With the help of @sovitek, I managed to break the Revit 2022 triangulated geometry (link) into surfaces and categorize these in terms of their orientation as suggested in this post: link

This is the picture of the Dynamo script for doing that (and link to the file itself: link):

Now, the problem is that I want to identify, which of the surfaces in each orientation are co-planar and intersecting to apply Surface.ByUnion node. I have thought of approaching this issue through identifying identical vertices and/or edges but this requires implementing loops, for which I do not yet have competencies to implement in Dynamo.

Any suggestions on how to approach this issue?

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Hi @ergo.pikas …do you mean something here.

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Thank you, I will take a look in a couple of hours.

@sovitek, basically, this works, but due to the problems in the dataset, there is an anomaly. Namely, the buildings, which do not have the Building Registry Code in the Estonian Digital Twin System are exported as one object. See the picture below from Revit:

No matter which one of all these blue buildings I choose in Revit, all will be selected as one. That is why I thought that checking the co-planrity would be the approach to use!?

hehehe then the system doesn’t work :wink: i will find a way later

Hi again…something here should work in your case,

Also, thank you for your valuable time :sunny:

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Thanks Ergo…you are welcome :wink: