I want to specify a thumbnail preview when saving a family

Hi all, i’m a new user so sorry if i miss some basic knowledge about Dynamo.
(And i’m not even good at writing English…)

I want to specify a thumbnail preview when saving a family.

I have created a program that opens the families in the background, deletes the parameters, and saves them.
This program uses many Orchid Packeges.

After launching the family after program execution, a plane view was opened.
This is not the behavior I am looking for, I would like it to be saved in a 3D view.
When saving a family, Revit allows me to specify the 3Dview in the “File save options/thumbnail preview/source”, can I do the same with Dynamo?

Thanks for reading all the way to the end!
I hope you get it resolved.

▼Program created

check out this thread Automating Family Catalog Thumbnail Preview - #14 by karolina_kordula

Thank you for your reply!

I tried the .dyn program in this link, but it saves in floor plans.

Do I need to add anything to this Python script?

One more question.
When I run the program, it creates two backup files.
Is this correct behavior?

Sry cant help much more then this havnt done this code myself but should do the job you ask for might try ask the guy who made it he should be in forums. I don’t really have a project with the same problems you refer to so cant really try the script out either. sorry