I cant see the geometry after creating it

Greetings everyone, I’m new to dynamo I downloaded dynamo sandbox recently when I try to create something nothing is visible the screen remains white whatever I do kindly help me please

I think you might need to press the run button bottom left.

When first starting a script work in Automatic mode. Also bottom left of dynamo window.

follow the wiki install steps from the download link:

also what version of sandbox did you install?

you might have to mark dynamoSandbox.exe with your GPU control software to force high performance mode if you’re on a laptop or cpu with an integrated GPU.

Hi @rahul.singhWEBEW
Try press Ctrl+B

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And check units meter

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Thank you sir now i can see the plane but the problem still persists,i have attached a picture it would be very kind if you could suggest some solution.