How to split columns by levels

I am trying to split columns by levels. Could you tell me which package to download so that I can run the following code.

Looks like a screen grab from here, which also contains the code. :grinning:

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It is not working, everytime I try that revit crashes(not responding)

The code works for me but it does drop out some of the sections of columns.
Try this workflow.

Thanks. What packages should I download ?

Clockwork package for the Level.Plane node.
Spring nodes (I think) for the Tool Eraser node.

There are OOTB ways to perform each of these node actions if you prefer to play around a bit more. :wink:

Cool. Thanks. Also, Iā€™m trying to split walls be levels. Should I use the same strategy?

Similar, with the new curves being generated on the level planes as opposed to perpendicular to them. Its entirely possible with a few additional calculations. Let us know how you get on :grinning: