How to shift sublist with different counts


how can i make this list

this list will be the index of points

(first list will be 0 to 24, second list will be 25 to 49 and second list will be shift with 1count and so on…)

i want to make list from 0 to 174 number.

actually i sliced those things but how can i shift sublist from list?

point list

Hello Yongil Park,

If I understand your problem correctly, you wanted to divide list 0 to 174 in the interval of 25.

I am putting the answer in below image.

Do let me if that solves your problem.





If you want to shift the indices of the sub lists, you could try the List.Map node:


Thanks for Ritesh Chandawar,

However, The solution that you refered is split list with same interval.

The main point that I want to do is make simple one list(from 0 to 174) with shifting each list (using code block or python script or something else).

I think each of slicing list with same interval and shifting list would be possible.

but spliting and shifting and merging in one node could be possible? (not using list.join)

sublistexample edit








The final node list would be what i want to do.

But slicing and shifting and merging and slicing again is not efficient that i think.

Is there any efficient way to make the final node?

Thanks for interest ^^
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Thanks Dimitar Venkov again!

Wow, It works. I think this node is more useful

sublist solved