How to set Vertical Interval to slice solids

I need to slice a solid in XY plane, with a 1m interval, how do I set a interval verticaly.

Make polylines with 1m. Distance.
Connect the polylines. Must to be only one polyline.
Loft y vertical direction.
Cut solid with the surface created.
Separate elelements.
Dynamo ist not neccesary.

At this case Dynamo is Necessary.
Cause I’m creating big solid files between two surfaces (Corridor surface and terrain)
I Set station Plane XZ (20x20m) at aligment, and I need to cut that solids to make a simulation 4d

Could you find anything? I’m dealing this issue, right now. I want to split my earth works solid as 3 meter pieces by elevation, but I could not find anything. If you solve this problem or any idea, I am waiting your answer.

Have a nice day!

Good afternoon, I made This works, creating a offset plane with interval (Code Block or range list), You can see the example below.
Just create a Coordinade system by a point with x,y,z, and a plane X,Y

Thank you so much. I want to slice from +eg profile to grade elevation each 3 meter. Hope that I will do that.

I worked on a dynamo script. It works, however when I change the profile as existing ground profile, the script is not working. Have you an idea?

Could you send me your dynamo routine?
I think in various possibilities, but i need to see the routine more closely.

Hi sir,

Sorry for late, I am working on different methods but I could not find it. I am basically split, when I put range by using integer like [-42,42,3]. However, my goal is split every 3 meter elevation by start the existing ground elevation. First, I split solids horizontally every 50 meter. After that I want to divide vertically depends on existing ground elevation, thus I wrote “VerticalSplitV02” but I could not be successful.

Here is the link: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free