How to select all rooms without one room


I am beginner of using dynamo. I want to filter out all plant rooms which areas are not exceed 100m². I can select the rooms as you see, but how to select other rooms without these rooms?

thank you

If I understand correcty, you want to get all the rooms - PLANT ROOM?

If you know the room name the quickest and easiest thing to do would just be filter out the room with that name.

You can also join the lists of rooms that are not your selected room.

you can take the entire list of rooms, search the room name you want to remove, get the index of that room element and use RemoveItemAtIndex and the list will be all OTHER rooms than the one you don’t want.

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Another option…

List.SetDifference with your list as the input 1 and your room to be removed as input 2

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or filter by boolean mask and take the OUT option after filtering (eg. doesn’t comply to the rule you set)

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I want to filet out all plant rooms which areas are exceed 100m².

I did it, thank you Mark and Guys.