How to run a loop on a dynamo graph

I’m thinking to run the same code in a loop until it reaches the maximum value in the integer slider. Is it possible in Dynamo. Something like the “for” loop? Also is there a way to automatically set the maximum value in the integer slider with the number in a list count.

for loops are possible in Imperative code blocks.

You could also try using the LoopWhile node

As for driving the min/max value on sliders, I don’t think it’s possible.

Hi Rooney,

I just wrote something about yesterday here

I create a kind of summation (



Dynamo Language Manual

12. Looping

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Good Vikram, I like it.

I was just showing something very simple to loop a simple list. But with loop you can do something much more complex.

Yeah sure.

The intent was to demonstrate that it can be done with OOTB nodes and Replication Guides in Associative code blocks too.