How to repeat N number of times until the List.Create is empty?

I am trying to run the commands and the group until the list is empty. How can i achieve it?

What are you trying to do? What is your end goal?

This would be appear something i would like to have at the end.
I would like to repeat this the number of time that was shown in List.Create (eg.10,11,12…)
The drafting views are created based on the numbers of electrical equipment. (eg.10,11,12…)

What is your end goal though? Do you just want to create a new drafting view with a unique name for each piece of electrical equipment? You can do this all at once you do not need to create them one at a time.

I’ve already gotten the drafting v for each piece of equipment. Currently I’m trying to get the electrical circuit description to their respective drafting views.