How to "repeat" a Group automatically

Hello, I would like to create structural framings that will form a roof.
Is there a faster way whereby I don’t have to list down IN[0] all the way to IN[29] and then connect them individually to the different groups.


Final product will look like this

Try to make (Polycurve by points) for each group of points then explode the polycurves to (Curves) to connect with structural framing by curve.

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Sorry, didn’t make myself clear. I am referring to the modelling of structural framing. IN[0] is the list of points from A1 to A20. IN[1] is the list from B1 to B30, so on so forth…

Is there a way that I don’t have to create 30 groups(light blue) to model the structural framing?

Did you try with “List.GroupByKey” ?

You are going about this in the completely wrong way.
All the lines you’re trying to create can be created like this …

levels.dyn (7 KB)

In my example I have just 2 sub-lists, but this is all you’ll need even with the 30 sub-lists you have

Refer to the section on Lists in the Dynamo Primer, especially sections that explain Lacing and Levels to understand the relevance of @L2 in my example

EDIT: The above example takes the first point of each sub-list and connects it to the rest of the points in the sub-list
I realized that wasn’t your intent, but my comments on your approach and suggestions to understand the way Lists work remain.
Meanwhile you could create lines from a grid of points like this.

GridLines.dyn (10.4 KB)

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