How to rename the defaulf worksets? is it possible

please check the snapshot below
how to rename the default worksets in revit and create new worksets simultaneously
I created two sheets in excel one to create new worksets and other to rename default worksets

plz check the below snapshots

See if this post helps…

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i checked this one but I couldn’t understand how to implement it

Hi Razz,

Try this Dyn file Rename Workset.dyn (3.4 KB)

Make sure your using Revit 2015 R2 and above versions.


will this work?

I just tried this and am getting an error. I don’t know anything about the API/Python Script. Do you know why I’m getting this error?

Hello Jason,

Try to modify your dyn like this:

That was an easy fix. I had the Boolean Mask output set to In originally, but had switched it to Out to see if it made any difference. The connection between Document.Worksets and List.FilterByBoolMask was the problem. Thank you for your quick response!


I’ve attached my script in case anyone else needs it. It will rename both of the out of the box workset names with your input.RenameWorksets.dyn (14.2 KB)