How to rename structural columns eith the same X and Y

I am trying to rename structural columns according revit location. The same column but in different floor should have de same name.

The imagem bellow shows what i would like to do … it is possible?

Hello @Joana ,
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Yes it is possible, you can group the elements on the basis of X & Y position and ignore the Z component.

you can refer this article

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I am triyng…

But it is not working, do you have any soluction to this problem?

You are missing list level lacing, you need to make sure you compare each “inside” list in the second List.SortByKey.

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I a m trying a different

Do you know how I can give the same name to the elements of the same group?

thank you

Hello @Joana

@Daan is correct, you are facing level lacing problem.

can you try with this method, hope this will resolve your problem group.dyn (18.9 KB)