Column Group according to level and x and y coordinate

Hello Everyone,
I would like write mark value on my shop drawing.
I have been providing releated marks value on first floor but my script is mistancing if I duplicate level.
I have to protect group according to x and y coordinnate and have to grouping element with their z position.

Do you have any information ?

@eness.gun , hi

GroupByFunction, GroupByKey, … i think that should work!



Hi @eness.gun ,

Please search on the forum a bit, this (exact!) topic has been talked about a lot already


Thanks for all.
I will be trying and write here for result

Daan I have controlled topic in forum but Topics covered only sort element in releated level…
I would like to implement my script on different levels consider to geometrical position of bottom level columns.
If you know any answer.
Could you please share link…

What have you tried so far?
If you know how the columns are being grouped by X or Y you could easily use that same logic to do the same for the level of the columns.