How to rename revit line styles

Good evening, I would like to know what my code is missing to rename line styles.
I attach the image so you can help me.

Thank you

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Buenas noches quisiera saber que le falta a mi código para renombrar estilos de líneas.
Adjunto la imagen para que me puedan ayudar.



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Thanks. :slight_smile:

You can try to use Element.SetName in clockwork package. or can simply create a python script with this line:

lines = IN[0]
newNames = IN[1]

for line in lines: 
        line.Name = newName
    except Exception,e:
        x = e

if x:    
    OUT =  x
    OUT = lines

**Havent tested out the code so use it at your own risk :slight_smile: