How to remove unwanted data in export to Excel

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I have a script that exports data to excel on all the walls in my project. I am trying to isolated the export so that only the data on a specific wall type (or Mark) or wall type comment gets exported and keeps the correct formatting. Am I missing something simple? Attached is what the spreadsheet output looks like. I only want to see the COLD FORM STUD WALL data.


Screenshot from your script is made too far away to read anything, anyway try to use FilterByBoolMask and filter by type.

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Have a read though the posts here

I covered a fair amount of detail in regards to handling blank data, nulls and filters via mask. Hopefully the information will present you with a solution.



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Sorry about that.

I do have a FilterByBoolMask node, but as you can see in the new SS, I haven’t been able to figure out where it needs to go in order filter those types, and allow me to pull additional info from those types.


Thanks for the images, these are much clearer.

As per your first post…

I would say you are almost there. You have built the filter correctly, however you are putting the wrong list into the node. Connect the element list from your list.SortByFunction into the mask. Then use the output from the mask to feed the “Get Wall Instance Parameters” group’s nodes.