How to remove lists in a list which have at least one empty field

Hi guys!
I need a script (or node) that removes lists in a list which have at least one empty field.
Kinda like “remove all Decks of Cards that have at least one missing card”

So in the screenshot below list number 156, 157, 159 should be eliminated.
Thanks for your help!

Screenshot 2022-04-13 120108

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I filtered with space. i don`t know how to difine “nothing” as a criteria.



Hi Andreas,

thank you very much - unfortunately that doesn’t work for me. As a result I only need those lists in the list, that have two references. All others shold be deleted. The empty reference ist really empty - so it can’t be filtered by “List.Contains”

length could be an alternative?

Hello, try to dig on the side of List.clean maybe, I am a novice so not necessarily always wise advice.
good day

@haenssler_pbs try this one:

use an Object.Type node to understand what is the nature of that empty item, then you can filter based on it.

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Okay, cool! That works. It took me a while though to eliminate the lists with only one reference.

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@tradelie FYI you could also use the node List.AnyTrue/ List.AllFalse instead of List.CountTrue together with r==0;

@Daan thanks for the tip