How to recombine mangled parameters list to the original element list

This is quite complicated and I’m in a rush doing this by hand so pardon not including sshots (I will be back to it tomorrow in detail if noone will take a look on the nodes).

I have a list of elements which specific parameter values I process and generally realign the list - how could I relink the elements to the original elements after all the process is done? I tried to manage the original element list similarly as the parameter values list but I got lost somewhere. Attached is my dynamo file.

parking numbers.dyn (21.8 KB)

I did not really got your problem here, but it looks like something like what one can see in this topic :

Hope it helps

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Hm. It looks generally what I’d like to do but I guess my problem is more tangled. What I want is to get parking places, getting part of the name of the parking place and perform mathematic operation on the number then write it back. But to do this I have to sort the numbers because I want to perform operation on specific range of parking spots. So for example I want places P02.17 to P02.23 be ranemed so the result would be P02.16 to P02.23. So I pulled out the name, split it (getting the number only), sorted it, got the range I wanted, performed maths (substract 1), concate by adding back P02. and then I need to relink it to the original element. What I miss is how to do the last part.

You should try something like this :slight_smile:

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