How to pull Line Style data and reimport?

Hi All,

I am hitting a bit of a wall here. . . I am trying to make a Dynamo script that will pull all used line style names, weights, colors, and patterns in use in a template project, allowing me to make edits to them in excel, and push the changes back into Revit.

Here is what I have:

FamilyRenameAndLineTypeExport.dyn (91.1 KB)
The end goal is to be able to adjust the template we have to fit various clients standards.
I can pull the data I want to Excel, except the patterns. I’m not exactly a dynamo pro, and I feel like I am missing something obvious. Any direction or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You!

Edit: To clarify, I can get the line patterns in the project, but I do not know how to separate that to the ones in use by the line styles, and push that data to excel for editing

UPDATE: I can get the data I want to excel now, But it kicks an error when I try to push it back into revit? Any ideas?