How to place a face-based family

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How is the face-based family placed on the wall, and the subject of the family is the wall, the family can also adjust its elevation

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Also, we need a bit more info here to understand what you are after. This post could help you understand what we need: How to get help on the Dynamo forums

Can you give some basic files to test with, including a Revit file, the Dynamo graph which you currently have, and any sketches or other info which explains what you are after?

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Hello, this is my Revit file and Dynamo file. At present, the main body of my socket is not a wall and the height cannot be adjusted. Do you have any good methods to change the main body of my socket to a wall and the deviation value of the height can be modified? 0DBDFD61C7A}

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插座放置在墙体上(视图中会生成CAD).dyn (61.6 KB) 插座放置在墙体上.rvt (1.7 MB)

It’s uploaded. Can you download it?

Looks like it but I won’t be able to open for awhile as I am on my mobile at the moment.

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Can you change the body of the socket family to a wall? Can the elevation be modified?

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