How to manage different dynamos users with different packages installed?

There is a way to everybody uses the same version of packages?

Push the packages you want them to use when they log-in.

There are a couple of plugins that can help, one of them is Orkestra online. One of them is Nonica Tab Pro. Both are paid, $7.50/ month and $5.00 per month respectively. You could also potentially point Dynamo package install at a network location or Drive location. Or you could create a graph with one of each of your packages nodes in it so when a user opens the “Push Install” graph, they are prompted to install the required packages.

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hello what do you by “push install” graph?

Robin-copy them into the local disc as part of the log-in or other automation process.

A process outside of dynamo would be the best solution as things may not work. This is because a dll file within the package could be loaded into memory as dynamo is opened.

Therefore the solution @jacob.small has indicated would be the better solution.

A push install graph is a graph that has a node from each of your packages in it and does nothing at all. Except it prompts the user who opens it to install the neccesary packages on the right panel. So your user opens the graph, clicks on all the install buttons in the package manager panel, closes, and they have the correct packages


hello…where to find the install button?
or user need to search for the package themselves?

You’re a few versions of Dynamo behind, or perhaps a few versions of Revit.

In this build users would have to search on their own.

I am using 2020 :frowning:

Archi-lab is special – you have to use its version number that matches the last two digits of Revit version last two digits.

yeah the push install was something that came with 2021 I think.