How to make new List = replace sub-list items

I have first list with views and second List that contain sublist based on view but with different lengths contains spaces… and I try to replace all sublist with views from first list

I guess on image is better to see


Not sure as to what exactly you are trying to do.

However, see if this helps…


SOLVED thanks a lot Vikram

I was about to write that does not work but found my issue - List.Count need to be set to Lacing-Longest otherwise list count sum will be to main list and not summing sub-slists

Hi I have another similar example but it does not work,
Looks like List.Combine does not work as predicted

List COmbine is 25 elements but should be til [47] and [45] should have two sublist with false…
not sure why length is wrong?

Anyone any idea how to solve it?

Hi, this code should do the trick

line 9: c =
if you want empty list instead of null

thanks a lot Tomasz