How to make a skin like this?

By first understanding the capabilities and limitations of the available tools

I’d also seriously advice you to read How to get help on the Dynamo forums


@abdelgawad Show us complete screenshot of your attempts. This is not exactly a place to make requests for what you need but rather a help forum to ask for help with things that you cannot figure out on your own, but actually tried.

I’m sorry,I don’t mean to make requests for what I need, the problem facing me is the idea/concept of the random intersected grid.

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Generally, I get to what you mean, I will try with myself first and post here at the phase that I can’t pass or a problem can’t solve,
Thanks for your attention @Kulkul and thanks @Vikram_Subbaiah for the link :smiley:

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Are you trying something like Nouvel’s Louvre? I’ve been to lecture by Buro Happold, that worked on that project, and their approach were based on the overlapping of non-random surfaces to achieve the ‘random’ look. And their patterns were based on structural + lighting analysis. Perhaps a completely random pattern will look good, but won’t work constructively.

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@abdelgawad Sounds good :slight_smile:

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@abdelgawad Appreciate your enthusiasm though :slight_smile:
This is one possible approach, to help you get started…

random.dyn (9.2 KB)


Thanks very much for you help and appreciation @Vikram_Subbaiah :smiley: :smiley:

I am learning Dynamo by my self from random You Tube Videos ( not complete orderly course ) and Dynamo is not known in my country ( don’t know anyone to help me ) so the only way to understand is through the forum , bearing in mind that it’s my first time dealing with a program like that ( don’t know grasshopper ).

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@abdelgawad Didn’t mean to discourage you with my rebuke. Just want to suggest that you first make sincere attempts yourself before seeking help. I’m sure you’ll get to learn a lot more that way.
Please do continue posting your questions on this forum, there are many very talented people here willing to share their knowledge.


Don’t worry I understated your opinion and I agree with you for the public benefits for all members :smiley:

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anyone know the theory of project curve to surface?

I want it in c# revit api … but don’t know how to do .

Hey… this probably wants to be a new thread which references the existing… but… that method isn’t an API method (I think) but a Design Script Method… I dug around and found this link… there will be better ones… Look for this? public Curve[] Project(Surface surface, Vector direction)

Or you can call the c# .dll from an (iron)Python node?