Can we model random curves on a Revit massing surface by dynamo


Trying to model something like this in Revit. I created the form by massing and now trying to make those grid and wires that follows the “bird nest” grid. Any help…

Thanks in advance.

What specifically are you asking for that’s not shown here?

Please show an attempt at something before asking for help.


I need to make a random grids(similar to the picture) that follows the Revit massing surface. Once I have the grids, then need to add an extrusion that follows these grids.


When you say “grids” you don’t mean Revit category grids you just mean curves right? Curves that can be extruded along to create solid forms. That seems to be what Dimitar shows in the other post. What’s not working?

I tried that, but populated only one curve. is it because of Revit surface?

Can you confirm it’s only a single item by showing the Curve.ByParameterLineOnSurface output?

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yes it is a single item

Works for me using Dimitar’s workflow.

Can you show the outputs for the UV coordinates as well? Might be able to force it to work if you set the Curve.ByParameterLineOnSurface node lacing to longest.


just changed the lacing and works fine…

Thanks @Nick_Boyts

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