How to make a cube by vertices?

Hi, all.

I have 8 vertices and would like to make a cube using these vertices.

Later, I will get surfaces from the cube.

However, I have some trouble making the cube.

I tried to use other nodes but failed.

Does anyone know how to make a cube using 8 vertices?


Checking2.dyn (8.7 KB)

@Ella Please drop your dyn file

ok, I just attached file :slight_smile:

What are you selecting with the Select Model Element node

I forgot to explain. I selected one column and I would like to remake this column by shared coordinates.

try this:

Checking2 - v2.dyn (20.8 KB)


If it’s orthagonal you could just get the bounding box.

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Thank you both for your comments.
I tried salvo’s script and it was successful! Thank you.
I also found the simple way to solve this problem based on the Jacob’s comment.

I extracted minimum and maximum point from the point list and created bounding box which can be converted into the Cube.
Anyway, thank you for helping me!