How to lookup multiple sheets of an excel file

Hello, is there a way to read multiple sheets from an excel file at the same time? I put in a list of sheet numbers but its only taking the first line item. What am I doing wrong?

It looks like it’s working to me. A single sheet would only have 3 levels - you have 5. You don’t even need to use list levels. Just using a list of sheet names will return each sheet properly.

ok well I want make sure I transpose this right. also why cant i read the columns now?’

Your list levels are off. And the shorthand List[0] won’t run on sublists. You need to use GetItemAtIndex and list levels to get ColumnA for all sheets. Right now you’re just getting Item[0], Item[4], and Item[8] - but you only have 6 sublists.

So do I need to fix my List.transpose level to 3 also? I thought it looked like it was working…?

Ok I know I am trying to do this the hard way but cant I take every column form the list that I need? Why isnt this working for me? logically it looks like it should work.

It depends on how you plan to use your lists later on. You don’t even need to use transpose if you just want to get the column data. (Using Transpose @2 doesn’t actually do anything. I’m just showing it for reference.)

You’re just not managing your lists correctly.

First option: If you transpose your sheets to group by column you can then get each column by index. This will return separate columns for each sheet.

Second option: Without transposing your sheets, you can get each column by index, but this will return values by row. (You’ll likely have to do more list management with this option).

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How do I drill down one level in a code block? Isnt there a number that I need to put into this list? I forget how it works…

List levels don’t work with Design Script shorthand. You have to use GetItemAtIndex.

You can get the sublists like this, if this is what you mean: